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( Love & Service Women`s Organization )

Regd. No. : F 13179/04/THANE

Knows no Caste, Creed, Community or Colour

The Spirit of Togetherness

Exempted under 80G (5) of the I.T. Act 1961- reg.


The children and women are from underserved sections of society who unable to access health facilities on account of lack of resources, knowledge, finance, confidence to approach health service providers. Prem Seva steps in to fill the gap. The children suffer from diseases that are result of malnourishment, infections on account of low resistance, skin, dental, eye ear, nose and throat problems.

            With the high rate of migration to the urban locations, India faces a tough challenge to ensure good health of the masses, more particularly women and children health in urban slums.

            Rural India contains over 68% of India’s total population, and half of all residents of rural areas live below the poverty line, struggling for better and easy access to health care and services.

Health issues confronted by rural people are many and diverse – from severe malaria to uncontrolled diabetes, from a badly infected wound to cancer. Postpartum maternal illness is a serious problem in resource-poor settings and contributes to maternal mortality, particularly in rural India

            The main cause of female malnutrition in India is the tradition requiring women to eat last, even during pregnancy and when they are lactating. Doctors who do check-ups for the women and children identify them that require further interventions. Simple ailments are treated on the spot.

            The teachers participated in the check-ups by checking the height and weight of children documenting their inputs regarding the child’s health. Over time the family back ground etc. helps the Doctors in guiding the children and their parents appropriately.