... hands that give are holier than the lips that speak.
( Love & Service Women`s Organization )
Regd. No. : F 13179/04/THANE
Knows no Caste, Creed, Community or Colour
The Spirit of Togetherness
Exempted under 80G (5) of the I.T. Act 1961-reg.
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Vision & Mission


  Prem Seva Mahila Mandal has the instincts to draw towards humanitarian works – helping the poor, women and children and disadvantage in ways, may be smaller steps without hesitation. We want to be on the watch, ready to recognize needs and play our part, heart being involved.

Compassion is the template of Prem Seva Mahila Mandal. There is no time to lose. We are proud of our roots, they still are our roots.


Supporting women’s group i.e. Micro credit to start small dairy like cattle rearing operations.


To train women legal, education awareness about their rights and the importance of education which are issues close to the NGO.


To build check dams to relieve villagers of acute water shortage and bring them into the mainstream of society.


To connect the Tribal village to the highway by building bridge over river for easy accessibility in care of emergency by co-ordinating with the Govt. agency.


To build toilet blocks in the Tribal villages to combat open defacation.


To build Public Health Centres with the facility of anti-venom vaccines and Ambulace facility in the Tribal areas in association with the Govt. agency.


To install water purification plant in the rural Tribal villages – courtesy Eurekha Forbes.




Children grow up to be healthy individuals` rise in immunity levels, interest towards education increased. Women are empowered through counsel, economically independent safe child birth and child health improved. Empower local rural population specially the Tribals to lead a dignified life through environmental development, sustainable agriculture, making education first priority and teaching them to conserve natural resources.

Conducted multiple Health Camps, general well being

Distributed YELO BAGS convertible into desks with LED lights cum solar battery charger

Sponsor the Education of children

Built Toilets with villages under Sanitation Programme



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