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1. Nutritious Mid-day Meal for all the children at the brick-kiln sites.
2. Nutritional Supplements in the form of fortified soyabean biscuits
3. Nutritional supplements in the form of Awla jam, jaggery with ground nut sweets.

The Breakfast Revolution:

1. A baseline healthcare evaluation is carried out by trained medical workers and doctors prior to the initiation of the Breakfast Revolution programme. This comprises -Height, Weight and Mid- Arm Circumference measurement (Anthropometry) -General Examination -Deworming -Vitamin A Supplementation -Digitized Blood Haemoglobin estimation. All date is then digitised immediately onto an online database for ease of monitoring. All individual records are maintained and updated monthly.
2. The programme is initiated with the provision of the Super Cookies to the beneficiaries.
3. A follow up health camp is carried out by the medical workers at the conclusion of the programme, to check for the same parameters.
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