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Education is the key to development not only of children but of nations. Even though primary education is a fundamental right of every child in the country, education for the girl child is not guaranteed. The Girl children belonging to lowest castes and Tribals are the ones who are made to drop out of school for lack of funds, made to help in domestic chores, married off early, and face social hazards such as sexual harassment.

Prem Seva Mahila Mandal, as an NGO with its volunteers has been working to address this issue over the years, across the communities by promoting the cause of education by generating awareness, encouraging children to attend schools, initiating innovative school programmes like door to door schools for children who have never attended school or have dropped out for various reasons through our mobile school bus. This is possible only if every single person in the society joins hands and come together to demand and ensure education.

Objectives of the Educational Programme:

To improve acces to education/ schools.
To enhance performance , life skills, team spirit and physical fitness.
To work in partnership with parents and community for quality education.
To collaborate with other NGOs, the Government and policy makers to provide resources for the overall development of children.
Non Formal Education:

This remains a way of developing other facets of the child such as cultural and self-awareness, improved behavior and better study habits. The staff at prem seva has been trained to provide guidance to these children and help them develop a better sense of self and purpose by exposing them to different ideas, concepts and ways of dealing with the world.

Activities under this programme are:

a. Value formation.
b. Celebrating cultural programme.
c. Counselling.
d. Extra curricular activities:
1. Picnics
2. Talent Hunt
3. Exposure to outside world
4. Sports
5. Health check up.
Free Courses

The Mandal has the following on-going short term courses being conducted free of cost to the members with a couple of batches being completed already.

These are as indicated overleaf:

Balwadi Teacher’s Training in English and Marathi
Elements of Tailoring and dress designing
The art of Beauty/Beautician’s Courses
Computer Courses for dummy
Rudiments of English Speaking
Artificial Jewellery creation
Teaching the basics of Yoga
Introduction of the door-step school in English speaking, drawing and craft and the elementary personal hygiene
Teaching spoken English in Municipal schools
The above courses are conducted in batches at regular intervals and Certification and Awards are given away by Guests of Honour at public gatherings.
Seminars, workshops and open day interactions form an integral part of the Mandal’s activities, thus ensuring that there is a slow yet steady improvement. Orientation-cum-Refresher courses are held on a regular basis. Courses include organized competitions, sports, picnic and Women’s-day-out activities. The overwhelming involvement and response of the Mandal serves as encouragement for those aspiring to be a part of the fast growing Mandal.

The Mandal carries out door step education to the tribal clans of gypsies from the neighboring states, who have scattered themselves on the outskirts of Kalyan, and draw them together in the form imparting basic education, health and hygiene awareness, counseling, using street plays and acts to generate an awareness of personal cleanliness and the need for education for their children. Also in large nos. are the children from the brick-kilns, construction sites, and orphans too.

Jail inmates – female and children:

The Adharwadi jail is overcrowded with women and children and others too. The Mandal holds play, drama, organizes movies, holds laughter club sessions, magic shows, with Psychiatric interacting sessions, competitions at Festivals, or whenever possible. The Mandal also works with the children of the Remand Home, Bhiwandi, Thane District.

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