... hands that give are holier than the lips that speak.
( Love & Service Women`s Organization )
Regd. No. : F 13179/04/THANE
Knows no Caste, Creed, Community or Colour
The Spirit of Togetherness
Exempted under 80G (5) of the I.T. Act 1961-reg.
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By sponsoring a child from an underprivileged community supported by Premseva Mahila Mandal, you can directly help them out of this situation and give them one window of hope for their future. Premseva relies very largely on donations from trusts, companies and individuals. Without your support none of our work would be possible. We need your support to reach out to those in need.
  Donations made in India by Indians are eligible for 50% tax benefit under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act  
  Cheque Payment  
  Cheques / Drafts / Money Order / Pay Order should be given in the name of Prem Seva Mahila Mandal "- and should be payable at Kalyan, Thane-Dt - Maharashtra - India.  
  The Cheques / Drafts / Money Order / Pay Order can be sent to us at the Address mentioned below:  
  Prem Seva Mahila Mandal,  
  Ammu Arcade, Ammu Nagar,  
  Syndicate, Kalyan (W) – 421301.  
  Thane District. Maharashtra, INDIA  
  Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS)  
  Name of Beneficiary Account: Prem Seva Mahila Mandal  
  Type of account: Savings Account  
  Account Number: 028601176457190001  
  Name of Bank: Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd  
  Branch: Kalyan (W) Branch – 421301  
  MICR Code: 4000470  
  IFS Code: CSBK0000286  
Please drop an email to premseva001@gmail.com with your name, email, address and donation amount in order to avail of the 50% tax benefit under section 80G of the Income Tax Act  
It takes just Rs. ……….. to feed a child for a year!
(Every donation of Rs. 500 or above to Prem Seva is eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax)
Donate and Help change a life today!..  
Name of the Work No. of Children Rate per Child Total / Per Annum
Mid-Day Meal 500 500 x Rs. 8.50 =
Rs. 4250 per day
4250 x 25 days = 1,06,250
Rs. 106250 x 12 Mths
= 12,75,000
Rs. 12,75,000
Total     Rs. 12,75,000
Name of the Work No. of Children Rate per Child Total / Per Annum
Breakfast Revolution
(Super cookies)
(each 2 biscuits)
500 x Rs. 4 =
Rs. 2000 per day
2000 x 25 days = 50,000
Rs. 50000 x 12 Mths
= 6,00,000
Rs. 6,00,000
Total     Rs. 6,00,000
Name of the Work No. of Children Rate per Child Total / Per Annum

Multiple micronutrient fortified salt

(each 2 Kg per month)
400 x Rs. 39 =
Rs. 15,600 per month
Rs. 15,600 x 12 Mths
= 1,87,200
Rs. 1,87,200
Total     Rs. 1,87,200
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