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Current Projects

1. Building check dam, Water shed and Farming ponds
2. Connecting the village to the high way by building bridge over the river in co-ordination with Government Agency.

To improve the Nutritional status of pregnant women to see if there can be a reduction in the prevalence of lowbirth weight babies when micronutrient deficiencies are reduced due to the consumption of multiple micronutrient fortified salt because an important cause of low birth weight in babies is maternal micronutrient malnourishment, especially anaemia.


Building more toilet blocks in the villages to combat open defacation.


To build Public Health Centres with the facility of anti venom vaccines & ambulance in co-ordination with Government Agency.


Installation of water purification plants in the rural villages. (courtesy - Eurekha Forbes)


Rapid Fire Development Projects


Tribal Village – Murbad Taluka:


There is a close knit interaction being forged with the Mandal and the people of the Tribal villages near Murbad Taluka – Waghachavadi, Titbit, Savarne and Shahapur Taluka – Nampada, Umberwadi, Mathiliwadi, Fanaswadi, Karpatwadi, in the form of basic health arrangements, education for the children, conducting medical camps for the villagers with special focus on personal hygiene as well as the surroundings, health foods, clean habits, etc. The Mandal is garnering support of NGOs, Corporates (for huge quantities of such basic amenities as bathing soaps), who have undertaken to construct a toilets nearby, the most elementary of human requirements. Vasanth seth Memorial Foundation in association with Bombay City Red cross, Premseva Mahila Mandal constructed 12 (Twelve) individual toilets at a village in Malshetghat. Proposal to construct a Public Health Centre with the facility of anti venom vaccines. To construct bridge over the river to connect the village to the high way through the Government Agency.


Sanitary Napkin Project


Taking Basic Education to the People:

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