... hands that give are holier than the lips that speak.
( Love & Service Women`s Organization )
Regd. No. : F 13179/04/THANE
Knows no Caste, Creed, Community or Colour
The Spirit of Togetherness
Exempted under 80G (5) of the I.T. Act 1961-reg.
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About us
The Prem Seva Mahila Mandal, (PSMM), ( Love & Service Women`s Organization ) Kalyan, Thane District, Maharashtra, so formulated focuses primarily on the uplift of the downtrodden : Women & children of the lower middle classgroup, Widows and Domestic workers.

The parent institution came into existence in the year 2001, although quite a few of their honary activities have been there some years earlier. The brainchild of Mr. and Mrs.James and Stella Morais the Mandal under its aegis has a variety of activities that is presently involved in. These are enumcrated in the course of this write up.


Identifying problematic issues of women and drawing them out of their predicament through various workshops and seminars.
Creating a sense of acute awareness through audio visual programmes focusing on basic social requirements.
Involving women who join the Mandal in programmes which will result in the development of themselves as well as those around them.
Identifying the individual aptitudes and strengths of the members and building on their talents and leadership potential.

Regular workshops and group discussion are held to encourage interaction amongst the members as well as discussions with outside faculty who visit by invitation. Providing platforms for demonstrating the latent talents like song and dance, amateur stage acting, competitions in drawings, rangoli, handicrafts, etc to showcase the capabilities of the members of the Mandal. Felicitations at different occasions with stage shows organized by the members. The  Mandal ensures that it bears all expenses for all activities to enable its members to improve their lot in life, at no extra cost to them.

The Prem Seva Mahila Mandal has its sights firmly focused on accelerating the growth and development of women and   children in and around Kalyan at the back yard of kalyan. There is every promise of growth and the onward march of the women of this institution.

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